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Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives, and the home space and home décor trends are no exception. 

As people spent most of their time indoors last year, not only were they craving for comfort, – they were also forced to redesign their spaces to meet the demands of the new quarantine lifestyle. Whether it required organizing a Zoom-friendly living room, creating a functional home office, or discovering an ingenious pantry organizing solution, just about any area of a home required a refresh.

Of course, at Peachy Interiors, we couldn’t resist compiling an interior designer-approved list of the top home décor trends in 2021. If you are a design enthusiast, keep reading to learn what can be expected from the design world this year.

In this article, you will find:

As expected, the predicted home décor trends for 2021 are all about creating a nurturing and comforting space. From mixing vintage with modern, maximizing natural light and layering texture, these are the top trends to be mindful of this year:

Structured Simplicity | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors1. Structured Simplicity

Evolving from the Nordic trend, this style is intended to create a comfy, calm space to rest in. This laid-back trend is all about making your home an inviting and safe space to relax and regenerate. Follow this trend and create a personal sanctuary that you enjoy and truly make your home your haven.


  • Use comfortable and inviting furniture with hearty tables to gather around and sink-in sofas.
  • Create a low-maintenance look with faded tones, weathered woods, and time-worn finishes.
  • Use yellow-based, warm neutral colours that create a calm yet uplifting atmosphere.
  • Make sustainable and considered furniture choices.
  • Try this woven storage basket to create a soft and neutral look instead of bright and bold.

Dried Lavender Flowers | Peachy Interiors2. Dried Flower Displays

The use of dried flowers in home décor ideas is one of the biggest trends to expect in 2021. Vibrant and green houseplants are still as fashionable as ever, but the dry flower aesthetic is gaining exceptional popularity as it doesn’t require any maintenance and lasts longer.


  • Incorporate any dry flower arrangements, from dried flowers and Pampas grasses to seed heads.
  • Check out these dried lavender flowers to bring some dry flower aesthetic to your home space.

Grandmillenial Style | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors3. Grandmillenial Home Décor Trend

The “grandmillenial” style adds a twist to the previously popular “granny chic” look. As people crave the sense of nostalgia and comfort throughout, the grandmillenial home décor trend is expected to continue growing. If you prefer honest, unfussy pieces and simple, understated style, while still wanting a home that feels comfortable and relaxed rather than overly minimalist, the grandmillenial style is for you.


  • Add layers to create a space that eases anxiety and welcomes relaxation.
  • Use patterns, pieces of furniture, cushions, and accessories you are likely to encounter at your grandparents’ house.
  • Complete the unique look with several carefully selected modern pieces.
  • Use traditional pieces like this upholstered wood-framed footstool.

Multifunctional Spaces | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors4.  Multi-Functional Spaces

The past year has really forced us to re-think how we use our rooms. When we spend more time at home, it makes little sense to dedicate entire rooms to a single purpose – especially in smaller homes. Incorporate creative design and storage solutions to help living rooms and dining rooms double up as home workspaces or offices.


  • Invest in creative storage and organization options like this macrame hanging shelf to make the most use of the space.

Earth Colours | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors5. Earth Colours

The top design trend for 2021 involves using the color palettes taken directly from Mother Nature. Earthy shades are becoming the color of the year when it comes to selecting a bold tone for tiles, accent walls, or key furniture pieces.


  • Use dark blue or dark green colour in one part of the room décor such as a rug, one wall, or sofa cushions.
  • Complement the look with the rest of the accessories in the room.
  • Incorporate this emerald green velvet club chair into your living room to get extra nature vibes.

Comfort | Peachy Interiors6. Unparalleled Comfort

Comfort is the obvious running theme among the hottest home décor trends. Like never before, people are looking to create a cocooning experience in their home and turn it into a space to escape the uncertain outside world. 

Experience real comfort with layers of cuddly textures, soft cushions, blankets, and throws.


  • Incorporate different natural materials and textures in similar colour tones to add character and personality to your room.
  • Replace bright and bold colours with textures and tactile experiences to add interest.
  • Layer up comforting throws, cushions, faux furs, and knits to make space feel especially inviting.
  • Consider adding unique accessories and wall-hangings, such as a macrame made from string or rope.
  • Buy this textured knitted throw blanket with tassels to make your home even cozier.

Roof Windows | Peachy Interiors7. Roof Windows

Homes filled with bright natural light are always at the top of the wish list. More than ever before, homeowners are choosing to enhance the light levels of their properties by installing skylights and roof windows to maximize natural light even in the gloomiest of homes.


  • Consider installing a roof window or skylight in your kitchen, open-plan living space, or home office.

Cottage Coziness | Peachy Interiors8. Cottagecore Coziness

Cottagecore trend has emerged last year but continues to take over social media. It reflects a common need for coziness and comfort with a touch of elegance.

This homely style is perfect for places with personality, whether it’s a country cottage or a period property.


  • Use traditional touches, like bare brick, exposed beams, and parquet flooring.
  • Add a splash of personality to your home with leafy, nature-inspired prints, quaint patterns, cute ornaments, and gold accessories.
  • Check out this pedestal accent table to complement your cottage look.

Japandi | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors9. Japandi Home Décor Trend

A strong Japanese design element is finally coming out into its own stand-alone trend. A charming combination of rustic Scandinavian simplicity and elegant Japanese minimalism, this hybrid home décor trend is perfect for you if you find beauty in the simple things and prefer a less-is-more approach with clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a calm colour palette.


  • Include the natural, simplistic elements of both Japanese and Scandinavian décor.
  • Go for neutral colours, simple lines, and big leafy houseplants.
  • Check out this minimalistic set of bamboo triangle end tables to match your style.

White Sheer Window Curtains | Peachy Interiors10. Let in the Light

With many of us craving for ways to make our lives more calm, comfortable, and centred, Zen vibes are in the trend. One of the simplest ways to make your living space more peaceful and apply Feng Shui to your home is to maximize natural light.


1980s | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors11. The ‘80s: The “Old” New Home Décor Trend 2021

Just like in the fashion world, the ‘80s are making a comeback in 2021 home design trends. Formerly modern design shapes have now become retro, making them so much more attractive today.


  • Choose traditional hallmarks of the ‘80s style like glass and stone materials, angular shapes, and Art Deco.
  • Go for high-contrast palettes like gold and black, or muted colour schemes that include dusty rose and mauve.
  • Don’t be afraid to deviate from authentic pieces and incorporate modern takes on the 1980s style like this glass night light.

Rounded Furniture | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors12. Rounded Furniture

 Traditional styles and softer curves that never go out of fashion will surely provide support and comfort for many during these unprecedented times. More and more people choose to embrace tradition by incorporating simple, rounded furniture into their homes.


  • Select home furniture pieces that are less mid-century or minimalist, and instead are more traditional, with knotty wood surfaces and simple decorative carvings.
  • Look for sectionals, armchairs, and sofas that have a comfortable look and feel like this extra-cozy chair.

Bold Wall Colour Trend | Peachy Interiors13. Lighter Wood Tones

Whether it is a rustic light oak or a Scandinavian blonde, lighter-toned woods are slowly replacing medium or darker shades. Light colour wood creates an uplifting space and is easier to incorporate into a more modern look, even in comfortable and cozy spaces.

Whether you want your home to look like a rustic farmhouse or have modern sensibilities, light wood can work perfectly for you to create an illusion of a bigger room and reinforce the feeling of more space.


  • When choosing furniture pieces, go for lighter-toned woods as opposed to lacquer, metal, or dark wood.
  • Check out this beige wooden tray table to reinforce the light and airy aesthetic.

Bold Wall Colour Trend | Home Decor Trends 2021 | Peachy Interiors14. Bold Wall Color Home Décor Trend

Spilling over bordered accent walls, bold colours are expected to fill the entire room in 2021. 

This home décor trend is believed to be inspired by the disconnect between people and the outside world and the desire to add a bit more flair to their homes. In addition, hotels and restaurants often have colourful walls, so bold walls serve as an attempt to re-create that feel at home.


  • Make sure to think about which colour and which room you choose – intense colours in offices or bedrooms can influence your mood when trying to focus or relax.
  • Consider adding a bit of flair to the living or dining room instead.

House Plants | Peachy Interiors15. Plenty of Plants

It appears that 2020 was the year of going back to basics (who hasn’t tried baking bread on one of the long quarantine nights?), and these primal habits are expected to continue over the course of 2021. Incorporating indoor plants into your décor can help you go back to your roots, recreate an outdoor space, and brighten your mood. And the best part is that you don’t have to go too fancy to create a green home.


While cozy, nature-inspired interiors that scream “comfort” are gaining popularity, some décor aspects are slowly but surely falling out of fashion:

  • Shiplap. Once used to waterproof boats, shiplap siding was a popular way to decorate walls back in the 2010s. However, plaster, tile, rattan, and living walls of plants are surely replacing shiplap in 2021.
  • All-white interiors. The age of all-white, minimalistic interiors may be coming to an end as people crave to create more visual interest through colour.
  • Barn doors. Barn doors may not retain their popularity into the 2020s, as statement entryways with classic French doors or pocket doors will replace the barn door look.
  • Mid-century modern furniture. We are slowly shifting away from the mid-century modern look and spaces dominated by spindle legs, walnut woods, and geometric patterns.
  • Accent walls. The age of the accent wall is coming to an end, with full accent rooms taking the stage.
  • Grey kitchen interiors. The all-grey look is going out of style: grey kitchens lack distinction and can appear to look cold. Instead, bold or earthy colours are gaining popularity.
  • Matching furniture sets. Having everything perfectly matched doesn’t allow people to let their personality shine through. Instead of coordinating all your furniture, consider choosing nonmatching pieces with complementary designs and colours.

Certainly, the new home décor trends of 2021 are bringing us more light, more coziness, more nature vibes – everything we are craving so much in the uncertain world that 2020 has left behind. And, chances are, these trends are with us to stay.

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