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Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors

As the year of 2022 is preparing to exit, and we are enthusiastically laying out New Year’s resolutions, it is time to think about the top interior design trends in 2023.

Over the last several years, we got used to spending more time at home, which has changed the way we perceive our spaces, both functionally and aesthetically. After all, we all want to feel comfortable in our homes, without giving up the aesthetics.

At Peachy Interiors, we are back with an interior designer-approved list of the biggest trends and 2023 home décor trend predictions. Whether you are planning a big reno or a small decoration update, keep reading to learn more about what to focus on next year.

In this article, you will find:

The Coastal Grandmother Style that dominated last year is giving way for new decorative trends. Manifesting the new wave of aesthetics, these these interior design trends will take off in 2023:

Workplace in Style | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors1. Workplace in Style

In 2023, we expect the workplace to be redefined – both at home and in commercial spaces. Next year, highly individualized designs and comfort will be of the utmost importance. From indoor turf to furniture design to office layout, the workspace deserves a complete makeover in 2023 to increase employee productivity.


  • If you are working from home, aim to set up the workspace for your precise needs.
  • PRO TIP: Follow these Feng Shui home office tips when arranging the space.

More Natural Light | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors2. More Natural Light

Natural light is a must for optimal human wellbeing and functioning, and modern interior design aims to reflect this premise as much as possible. This interior design trend in 2023 isn’t new, – we’ve seen increased focus on the natural light in the past several years, and it is continuing to go strong.


  • Focus on maximizing natural light with big, bare windows, light colours, and reflective surfaces.

Focus on Wellness | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors3. Focus on Wellness

Self-care and wellness are among the most sizzling topics today. Wellness design involves creating a living environment that facilitates healthy lifestyle and helps you slow down and practice mindfulness.


  • Create a home spa or a dedicated wellness space in your home for activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise.

Spotlight Alcoves | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors4. Spotlight Alcoves

In 2023, we expect the Renaissance-style alcoves to regain their once-lost traction. Modern alcoves and niches do more than showcase pretty décor. They can be used to add visual interest, save space, and create a zen nook.


  • Soften up your space with rounded door frames, ceilings, and thresholds

Return to Gothic | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors5. Return to Gothic

As interior designs become more character-rich, we see return of the gothic decorating style with its undeniably-dramatic dark hues, rich layers, and lavish chandeliers. Feel free to add as much or as little drama as you want, giving your gothic design a contemporary twist.


  • Incorporate dark or saturated colors in your home design and accentuate them with dramatic elements like arch mirrors, sweeping curtains, and sculptures.

Art Deco Revival | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors6. Art Deco Revival

As interiors move away from boring minimalism, we are seeing the revival of the flamboyant Art Deco decorating style. Indeed, revisiting old beloved styles is an industry favourite. That being said, don’t jump into hyper maximalism either – but focus on ornate details, brighter colours, and fun patterns.


  • Incorporate Art Deco style in your home décor with geometric patterns, statement lighting, and accentuated symmetry.

Statement Lighting | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors7. Statement Lighting

Experimenting with scale, function, and proportion of light fixtures can bring the most gorgeous results in 2023. Designers have discovered the power of using boldly sized pendants, and couldn’t go back. Not only does oversized lighting grab everyone’s attention, but it looks truly exquisite in a similarly proportioned setting.


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the size and shape of light fixtures within your home.

Multifunctional Home | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors8. Multifunctional Home

Interior design trends in 2023 are surely focused on creating multifunctional homes. Modern interior designs will bridge the gap created by situational isolation and cater to everyday activities along with exercise and entertainment.


  • Consider creating a luxe game or movie room, home gym, or sauna within the comfort of your home.

Nostalgic Focus | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors9. Nostalgic Focus

The Coastal Grandmother Style is slowly transforming into the new trend full of nostalgic focus and Facebook Marketplace items. Antique furniture and vintage pieces can bring comfort and coziness like nothing else. Plus, they can add a poetic touch to interiors. Today, the granny-chic idea we saw in 2021 has evolved into a more sophisticated decorating style.


  • Pick up heritage pieces or vintage furniture and décor elements from a thrift store, incorporate floral wallpaper, and add a couple old-style paintings or sculptures to your home.

Designer Laundry & Mudroom | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors10. Designer Laundry & Mudroom

With interior design trends in 2023, no room is left untouched. Homemakers and designers have an increased focus on creating spaces that serve the inhabitants, which means laundry rooms and mudrooms are getting a makeover as well.


  • Follow this decorative trend by glamming up your utility spaces with rich patterns, shimmery finishes, and even whimsical accessories.
  • PRO TIP: Incorporate these entryway décor ideas to take your mudroom to the next level.

Curved Furniture | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors11. Curved Furniture

Rounded shapes have made their way into the furniture trends! Tulip and egg chairs, crescent sofas, oval dining tables, and circular rugs are the new huge trend in 2023. Even typically-rectangular nightstands, cabinets, and credenzas are getting a new, curvier look.


  • If you can’t incorporate curves in large architectural details like exterior walls, arched doorways or a bigger piece of furniture, start small. Think oblong mirrors, mushroom statement lighting, or artworks in curved frames.

Imperfectly Perfect | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors12. Imperfectly Perfect

When it comes to 2023 home décor trends, the focus is on sustainable design that uses everything handmade, organic, and local. This means more natural elements and unique, non-copy-paste pieces made from organic materials. Meaningful pieces and exquisite craft combined with raw, yet refined, quality is what the future of home décor holds.


  • Use heritage pieces or splurge on one or two décor pieces custom made specifically for your home. This will leave your space feeling unique and highly-customized.

Specialty Rooms | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors13. Specialty Rooms

Dedicated spaces for craft and creativity support mental wellbeing and provide an escape from hectic life. Whether you are into painting, sewing, jewelry making, or music production, try to find a room dedicated solely to the creative pastime of your choice. Even a fun game table in your basement will do the trick!


  • If you can’t find an entire room for your hobby, carve out a corner to do what you love, – you can always separate the space with a screen or a room divider.

Unique Window Treatments | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors14. Unique Window Treatments

In 2023, windows get the spotlight with unique window treatments featuring fringe trim, scalloped-edge shades, and shaped cornices. Such details can make window treatments more personalized and add interest to more streamlined alternatives.


  • Give your windows a quick makeover by adding accents like fringe or curtain holders in a DIY fashion.

Natural Stone Slabs | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors15. Natural Stone Slabs

The organic shapes of natural stone make it incredibly beautiful in its uniqueness and earthy appeal. Needless to say, soapstone countertops made from natural materials can enhance any space and elevate it to a more luxurious level.


  • If you are trying to create a modern backsplash, consider installing an oversized stone slab from the kitchen island countertop all the way to the ceiling. Or, maybe, install a darker countertop that cascades to the floor. The possibilities are endless!

Interior home design trends in 2023 go far beyond certain lines, styles, and patterns. The new year is entering with a brand new palette of colour in hand, full of dreamy lavender, luxurious gold, and tranquil blue. Here are the top design color trends to expect in 2023:


As the love for nature in the interior design grows, the colour palette is moving away from anything too artificial. Instead, outdoor elements, natural materials, and gentle, earth tones that are easier on the eye make an entrance.

Dreamy Lavender

Lavender is a gentle purple-hued pastel that can add a sparkle of dreamy freshness to any interior. You can use the colour as the main accent color in a boudoir or add small pops of color in an otherwise neutral setting.

Gentle Gold

Neutral and earthy, the gentle gold colour presents a more organic version of shiny metallics. Inspired by the richness of a golden hue, gentle gold resembles sandy tones of a desert. This colour can serve as an excellent alternative to traditional neutrals – or used together to create a truly grounded interior.

Hybrid Blue-Green

The teal-like hue, which comes from the pigments that form patina on copper, promises to add a new life to interiors in 2023 and beyond. It is slightly more muted than true rich greens like basil or emerald, but just as exquisite.

Tiered Monochrome

A monochromatic interior can be taken up a notch by featuring slightly different shades of the main colour. Clean lines combined with tiered monochrome can generate an incredibly steady and peaceful atmosphere, while visual interest can be added through varying textures and shapes.

Tranquil Blue

The calming, turquoise-like shade of blue is expected to become incredibly popular in the coming year. The cool tones of this soothing color trend is ideal for studies, meditation rooms, and home offices.


Design decisions featuring high-contrast stripes are going to make a big comeback in all of their originality. Whether used in textiles, wallpaper, or paint, straight lines and striped patterns can help to make an unmistakably bold statement in the interior design of your home.

With an endless variety of home design trends to choose from, nailing down your perfect decorating style can be tricky. To make things easier, let’s have a quick rundown of the hottest 2023 home décor trends by room:

Kitchen Design Trends 2023 | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy Interiors Kitchen Design Trends 2023

  • Enclosed kitchen. Open floor plans with large living room/kitchen areas are being replaced by good old-school enclosed kitchens.
  • Formal dining rooms. Similarly, open-concept dining is a thing of the past. Instead, enclosed, cozy spaces for dining can feel more intimate and encourage connection.
  • “Soft-modern” kitchen style. Adding a touch of warmth and personality to minimalist modern or all-white kitchens, the soft-modern design style makes use of contrast. For instance, a high-gloss cabinetry finish and darker countertops can be complemented by soft, warm wood tones.

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023 | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy InteriorsLiving Room Interior Design Trends 2023

  • Luxurious feel. Making your home feel luxurious doesn’t need to involve spending a lot of money. Mirrored accessories, gold candlesticks, and velvet textiles can quickly take your living room up a notch.
  • Unusual layouts. The 2023 home trends for a living room are moving away from traditional sofa-two-chairs-and-a-tv layouts. Instead, designers prefer to choose a statement piece and work around it to create unique, personalized layouts.
  • Gallery walls. In 2023, maximalism is absolutely in! This means that it’s time to make a statement with a whimsical, mismatched gallery wall full of art and photos at the center stage of the living room. PRO TIP: Follow this guide to create a staircase gallery wall.

Bedroom Design Trends 2023 | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy InteriorsBedroom Design Trends 2023

  • Floral prints. The popularity of cozy, vintage styles means that floral window treatments, wallpaper, and throw pillows are welcomed in any bedroom design.
  • Pendant lighting and sconces. Traditional bedside lamps are being replaced with pendant lighting over a bedside table and wall-mounted sconces for ideal ambient lighting.
  • Curves throughout. Make sure to incorporate curvy shapes in your bedroom design – whether it be a custom curved headboard or oval-shaped mirrors.

Bathroom Trends 2023 | Interior Design Trends 2023 | Peachy InteriorsBathroom Trends 2023

  • Wallpapered powder rooms. Wallpapered rooms are still going strong, with this decorating trend becoming even bolder and bigger in the next year. In the confined space of a powder room, blank walls are being replaced by patterns and bold colors like nowhere else.
  • Colored concrete. Bathroom trends in 2023 focus on adding personality while keeping a simple sense of spa-like serenity. If you are doing a bathroom renovation, consider installing some vividly-coloured exotic slabs of concrete that offer gorgeous depth and texture.
  • Mix and match tiles. Mix and match tiles can create a chic custom look with no extra cost. Take a few textured tiles and combine them with a flat surface – whether it be on the floor, wall, or both. Alternatively, you can simply combine patterned tiles with solid designs in your design plans.

The endless cycle of interior design trends in 2023 is taking a new turn, which means that some trends are better to be left in 2022:

  1. Bouclé textures. Once, bouclé was everywhere – but not anymore. Of course, you can have a bouclé sofa, – but seeing this deliberately pill-y fabric everywhere can feel extremely unsettling
  2. TV-centered living rooms. Today, screens are an integral part of our daily lives. However, more unusual layouts than the classic style of TV-centered living rooms can promote the much-needed interaction between family members.
  3. Non-functional objects. Home interior trends in 2023 are shifting toward items that can offer both function and aesthetics. No more useless vases and weirdly-shaped objects on the fireplace mantle!
  4. Colour-coordinated décor. From colour-coordinated bookshelves to black-and-white photo clusters, this unnatural look is leaving us in 2023. Instead, open your mind to more possibilities for arranging items, – despite their colour.
  5. Minimalist kitchens. While high-gloss kitchen cabinets and minimalist backsplashes were popular for a while, it is time for a change! A welcoming kitchen should feel warm, joyful, and homey, – so that you aren’t afraid to actually cook in it.
  6. All-white and greige interiors. Along similar lines, minimalist colour schemes and Instagram-perfect beige and grey tones that were once popular on social media are a thing of the past. Leave white walls and neutral tones in the past! Instead, infuse your home with personality and fun to add more dimension to the space.
  7. Open floor plans. It’s time to say “no” to open floor plans! Boundaries are important and necessary in the modern work-from-home reality. You can’t realistically expect to stay productive while working from the same area where you cook and wash your dishes.

Final Words

Without a doubt, the post-pandemic lifestyle continues to affect the 2023 decorating trends. From more separated, enclosed spaces to warmer design color trends and textures, we can expect the functionality and serenity to lead the way.

Here is a quick summary of the biggest 2023 interior design trends:

What decorating style is in for 2023?

There are a variety of design styles and biggest trends to choose from in 2023! From vintage styles to art deco, the possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure: all-white, minimalistic interiors are certainly out!

What colour of furniture is in for 2023?

In 2023, you can expect to see darker, more chromatic shades, as well as more muted natural tones like gentle gold.

Are accent walls still in style for 2023?

Bold accent walls are making a comeback in 2023, reflecting the new pattern styles and color palettes. Pro tip: a mismatched gallery wall makes an excellent accent!

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