How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Home

How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Home | Peachy Interiors

Practicing Feng Shui in your home has gone full-on mainstream, but even today, these ancient Chinese spatial laws can feel a little esoteric to the uninitiated.

If you take the time to understand the Feng Shui philosophy, you’ll quickly find that it goes well beyond simple common-sense rules to make our homes more organized. Instead, it reveals the true connections we have to our homes and how they can affect our overall well-being and mood.

Today we are going to take a look at simple, actionable tips on how to organize your home according to Feng Shui principles and achieve the ultimate balance.

15 Easy Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your House

When it comes to cultivating Feng Shui in your house or condo, it can quickly get overwhelming. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with the help of Peachy Interiors home décor blog. Below you can find 15 essentials steps to invite positive qi into your home.

How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Home | Infographic | Peachy Interiors

1. Brighten Up the Entryway

Brighten Up the Entryway | How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Home | Peachy Interiors

In Feng Shui, your entryway represents how positive energy enters both your home and your life, – the front door is known as the “mouth of qi.” And, of course, the entry should be the first place to start when you are looking for ways to create good Feng Shui in your home. Here are a few easy ways to brighten up your entryway:

  • Declutter. Brighten up your front door by decluttering and removing unnecessary items. A variety of objects tend to accumulate near the home entrance, but do your best to keep things clean and organized.
  • Clean. Next, give the entrance hallway a good sweep and clean the entire area. Shake out the doormat and wipe down the door.
  • Make it inviting. Take a good look around and think about the ways you can make the space more spacious or inviting. For example, you could remove or add certain furniture items to create an inviting place for the energy to enter the home and collect.
  • Lighten it up. Make sure that the space is bright and well-lit. Change the lightbulbs or add additional lighting if necessary.
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2. Slow Down the Feng Shui Energy Flow

Slow Down the Energy Flow | Feng Shui in Your House | Peachy Interiors

When the front and the back door are aligned along the line-of-sight, the energy of chi (or qi) is shooting through the house too quickly. Instead of it flying directly out of the back door, we want it to move gracefully and evenly around the entire home. In addition, since energy enters through the main entrance, you don’t want to have it shoot straight up the stairs.

Slow down the energy entering your home by adding artwork that makes you pause and reflect, including a round entry table, or throwing a stair runner up the stairs. Alternatively, you can include a grounding element at the top of the stairs to symbolize heaviness and anchor the qi.

SHOP THE IDEA: Slow the energy down by placing this boho medallion patterned rug on the floor in the main hallway.

3. Give Your Doors Some Attention

Give Your Doors Some Attention | Peachy Interiors

Your front door isn’t the only door that needs some love. According to Feng Shui, doors represent your communication and your voice. They are also portals that invite new opportunities to enter all the areas of your life.

To make sure the doors in your home are Feng-Shui-compliant, follow these tips:

  • Give them space. First of all, make sure that all the doors in your house can open to at least complete 90 degrees. If you have tons of clutter preventing the door from opening fully, you are only able to receive a small portion of opportunities in your life.
  • Fix them up. Secondly, check that all of your doors are working as they should. Make sure that the hinges are not squeaking and all the hardware functions effortlessly. Look to see whether the door can close with ease without any force applied. All of these little details can affect the way the energy finds its way to you. Our goal is to make this energy flow as smooth as possible.

4. Clean Your Windows

Clean Your Windows | Peachy Interiors

According to Feng Shui, windows represent the eyes of the adults and the voice of the children in the home.

To cultivate healthy Feng Shui energy in your home, make sure to clean your windows regularly:

  • Let the sunlight in. Clean, clear windows naturally let in more sunlight, which, in turn, energizes and wakes us up. In addition, sunlight vibrantly renders all of the objects and colours that we see. As such, letting in sunlight makes our homes appear more energetic, vibrant, and expansive. Clean windows make us feel more awake to see the world around us in more colour, precision, and clarity.
  • Use non-toxic cleaners. As a bonus, aim to use natural cleaners whenever possible. Our favourite is a simple solution of water, white vinegar, and a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice.
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5. Go Vertical

Go Vertical | Peachy Interiors

Integrating some vertical lines or shapes in your home represents expansion and growth. You don’t need to add a climbing wall to your home décor, but you can make the space more vertical in a variety of other ways:

  • Add a tree in the corner to make the space appear taller.
  • Include additional lighting where the light travels upward.
  • Put in some tall bookshelves.

The key here is to work with what you have to produce a feeling of height.

SHOP THE IDEA: Include this 6-tier bookcase with a cabinet in your living room to add some vertical lines to your living room.

6. Remove Obstacles in Your Path

Remove Obstacles in Your Path | Peachy Interiors

Think about your daily path through the home. From when you wake up, then go on to use the bathroom, and so on, until you head out of the home. Then from when you return, prepare dinner, and go back to bed.

Over time, we become desensitized to all the physical obstacles and blocks that we encounter along our daily path. Maybe it’s that door that always sticks, that light fixture that annoyingly flickers, or an obstacle that makes you squeeze through the hallway. Even when you hopelessly stare into a closet full of clothes that you never wear, – all of this affects you! Similar to plaque in arteries, over time, these daily blocks can accumulate and become problematic.

Once you take note of your obstacles, gently clear them away. Don’t rush. Take one thing at a time.

7. Check Your Feng Shui Commanding Positions

Check Your Commanding Position | Peachy Interiors

One of the main Feng Shui principles is the commanding position, which is intended to govern how you position yourself in life. Make sure to follow this principle when choosing the location of your desk, bed, and stove.

Your desk represents your career. Your bed represents you. Finally, the stove represents your wealth. When you are within these spaces, make sure that you can view the door without being directly aligned with it. For example, when sitting at the desk in your home office, you shouldn’t be seeing the door right in front of you.

By placing yourself in a commanding position, you will be in command of your life. You will be in a position to receive the best opportunities and the flow of good energy.

8. Feng Shui Space Clearing

Space Clearing | Feng Shui at Home | Peachy Interiors

In Feng Shui, space clearing is often called “space blessing,” which allows you to clear the energetic space alongside the physical space. There are a few techniques that you can try out:

  • Palo santo. Ignite these special wooden sticks and gently blown them down to an ember, spreading the smoke around the home. Make sure to guide the smoke clockwise around the room, and don’t forget to cleanse the inside closets and corners.
  • Smudging. Smudging is another way to cleanse the space and invite positive energy. In this technique, the plant material is burnt to fill the home with smoke and purify the environment.
  • Essential oils. Alternatively, you can diffuse essential oils to cleanse the air. This sweet orange oil is a great choice to invite positivity and uplifting abundance.
  • Visualization. Finally, if you don’t want to invest in any materials, you can simply visualize bright white sunlight filling and cleansing your entire home space.

9. Maximize Natural Light

Maximize Natural Light | Peachy Interiors

It isn’t surprising that natural light can make us feel more positive and happier overall. Mirrors in Feng Shui are often used when you need to make a quick adjustment to bring in more light or expand a space.

However, remember to be mindful of what the mirrors reflect. When hanging a mirror, make sure that it reflects additional light, an expansive part of the room, or a serene view.

SHOP THE IDEA: Use window pane mirrors like this one to create an illusion of more open spaces.

10. Be Spacious

Be Spacious | Peachy Interiors

De-cluttering is often associated with Feng Shui, but, in reality, Feng Shui is more about creating space rather than getting rid of clutter.

To make your life more spacious, start with your own home. Find a specific physical spot like a room, a drawer, a shelf of the refrigerator, your desk – size doesn’t matter – and get rid of what’s no longer necessary. When you let something go, you open up space to invite fresh exciting opportunities.

If the space gets filled up again, don’t blame yourself. This is a natural way in which the universe works. Life is not solid or static, – instead, there is continuous impermanence. Our open spaces get filled, then cleared out, then filled up again. Always be ready for a fresh start. Find another (or the same) corner to create new space over and over again.

11. Remove Negative Symbolism

Remove Negative Symbolism | Feng Shui at Home | Peachy Interiors

Symbolism is all around us: from literature to movies, to traffic signage, we are constantly guided by it. In our homes, symbolism is emphasized even more, as we are creating intimate spaces that often represent our challenges and fears.

Evaluate the challenges in your life and try to identify whether you are symbolically inviting them to your home:

  • Do you have self-esteem issues? Check if your mirrors are hung too high, – in that case, you will never measure up.
  • Do you have trouble getting clarity? Assess if you have clutter all over your surfaces.
  • Are you forever single? Check if your home is full of single imagery like a single chair, a single vase, or a single person in the picture.

Remove the negative symbols and replace them with items representing what you want to attract.

12. Balance the Five Feng Shui Elements

Balance the Five Elements | Peachy Interiors

To achieve balanced energy in your home, all the five natural elements – wood, earth, water, fire, and metal – should be present either symbolically or physically. For example, you could include the fire element with a burning candle or an actual fireplace, or replace it with warm tones, like oranges and reds.

The idea is to achieve a balance between all elements. Oftentimes, people are attracted to elements that cause an imbalance in their lives. For example, people dealing with aggression issues should be careful not to have too many fire elements in their homes. On the other hand, personality types lacking energy and motivation should infuse more of the fire element in their décor to provide them with an additional boost.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add some fire to your life with this unique handmade female torso candle – our absolute favourite!

13. Add Plants for Life Energy

Add Plants for Life Energy | Peachy Interiors

According to Feng Shui, plants represent life energy. Living house plants reconnect us with nature and add vibrancy to our homes. Green plants are much like freshly-pressed organic green juice for the health of our home. Think health, freshness, and vitality.

The most important thing is to choose plans that are appropriate for the space and that you can care for. For example, take your lighting conditions into consideration. Or, if you are new to plants, choose the ones that require easy maintenance.

14. Rebalance Workstations in the Kitchen

Rebalance Workstations in the Kitchen | Peachy Interiors

For efficiency reasons, it is never practical to have two kitchen workstations back-to-back. In fact, many kitchen experts recommend having a triangular setup between the stove, the fridge, and the sink.

Turns out, there are also the principles of Feng Shui behind it. Having the fire element right across water can lead to conflict in the house, as water puts out the fire.

If you happen to have the back-to-back configuration in your kitchen, don’t rush with a full kitchen reno. Instead, place a wood element between the stove and the sink, – water feeds the wood, and wood, in turn, feeds the fire. With this setup, wood will act as a mitigating element between two opposing natural forces.

In Feng Shui, wood is represented by the colour green, so you can also use this colour instead of the actual material.

15. Offer Gratitude

Offer Gratitude | Peachy Interiors

Finally, don’t forget to offer gratitude to your home. Feng Shui is about the belief that everything is alive, including the home spaces! Qi, the life energy that keeps you moving, also flows through your home.

Your home is your fortress. It provides you with a space to nourish, rest, celebrate, and so much more. To offer gratitude to your home, simply speak to it with a humble heart to say thank you.

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