33 Entryway Ideas for a Stunning First Impression

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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, – but it isn’t uncommon to judge a home by its entrance. Whether it is a tiny apartment with a small nook by the door or a grandiose house, your home’s main foyer is the first thing welcoming house guests or yourself upon entrance, – so make it a good one! Create a stunning first impression with 33 modern entryway ideas from Peachy Interiors.

Stylish Entryway Décor Ideas to Steal for Your Home

Leave your troubles at the door with our favorite entryway ideas to keep your home’s entrance welcoming and inviting.

Bold Colour | Peachy Interiors1. Trending Entryway Ideas: Bold Colour

Bold wall colours are among the top home décor trends 2021. While sunflower yellow may not be the most obvious entryway décor idea, it can surely provide a stunning first impression.

Choose the bold colour of your choice and paint a single wall to create a statement-worthy entrance. Complete the look with matching décor accents or even the same bright colour walls in other rooms.

Textured Runners | Peachy Interiors2. Entryway Rug Ideas: Textured Runners

Nothing creates a warm welcome like cozy area rugs and runners. This bright-red patterned runner stretched across the foyer visually adds space and lengthens the walls.

SHOP THE IDEA: Make your home more inviting with this vintage medallion-patterned runner.

Geometric Accents | Peachy Interiors3. Geometric Accents

Patterned and geometric prints for stair runners are a great way for camouflaging spills, muddy footprints, or other wear and tear signs from daily life. Soften up the geometric pattern with neutral tones and natural or artificial plants, and you receive a statement, yet well-balanced, staircase.

SHOP THE IDEA: Make your stairs safe and attractive with these diamond non-slip stair treads.

Patterned Floors | Peachy Interiors4. Patterned Floors

Stepping into a house should be an experience. If you don’t feel inspired or excited when you walk through your main door, you can shake things up a little by placing traditional wood floors in an unexpected pattern. A custom wood flooring pattern can add a subtle interest to the space, while still providing the chic appearance of a foyer with hardwood.

Abstract Piece of Art | Peachy Interiors5. Abstract Piece of Art

Even though landscapes, prints, and portraits can surely add interest to the walls, abstract wall art provides the freedom to play with the shapes and colours of the foyer. For example, you can use the abstract artwork to echo the minimalist geometric shape of the wooden bench and match the neutral colour palette of the foyer.

SHOP THE IDEA: Brighten up your entryway with these abstract art prints.

Small Entryway Ideas: Custom Builds | Peachy Interiors6. Small Entryway Ideas: Custom Builds

Built-in storage in the little nook is a great example of small entryway design ideas. Maximize the limited space with a custom built-in bench with additional storage to hide away shoes and other essentials. Complement the look with fresh or dried flower arrangements to break up the white colour palette.

Gallery Wall | Peachy Interiors7. Greeted by a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can add a distinctive personal style to any wall space. Choose shapes and colours of the artwork that will complement the overall feel of your foyer: if the foyer is dominated by light and warm tones, opt for similar moods in your gallery wall.

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SHOP THE IDEA: Recreate the neutral-toned gallery wall with this set of 4 abstract art pieces.

Bright and Airy Foyer | Peachy Interiors8. Bright and Airy Foyer

Use white floor tile colour to match the walls and visually lighten up the foyer. Glass panes around the entrance create an airy, light-drenched entryway.

Round Mirror | Peachy Interiors9. Round Mirrors

Mirrors are a great small entryway design idea, as they make small spaces feel larger and brighter, not to mention that they are incredibly functional when it comes to getting ready to head out of the home. For a fresh edge, use a round hanging mirror to add height to your foyer.

SHOP THE IDEA: Recreate the look and expand the space with this wall-mounted round mirror.

Entryway Ideas | Glass Panels | Peachy Interiors10. Glass Panels

Brighten up the foyer with glass panels around the entrance. The geometric mirror adds a modern edge to the foyer, while an old-school wooden bench provides a splash of farmhouse feel.

Less is More | Peachy Interiors11. Less is More

Create a sense of peace and grace with just a few carefully selected items. Add a couple of hooks on the wall, place a vintage metal console table, and complete the look with a dried flower arrangement for an extra-homey feeling.

Entryway Décor Idea: Go Grand | Peachy Interiors12. Go Grand with Entryway Décor Ideas

Make a major statement in your home’s entry by using neoclassical-style antique furniture – from the wall-hanging mirror to golden highlights on the entry table.

SHOP THE IDEA: Stay on budget with this affordable gold ornate accent wall-mounted mirror.

Globe-Trotting Flair | Peachy Interiors13. Globe-Trotting Flair

Mix pieces from your travels in your home’s entrance to walk down the memory lane every time you step over your doorstep.

Entryway Ideas | Black & White | Peachy Interiors14. Entryway Tile Ideas: Black and White

Black and white hallway floors never go out of style. Want a pop of colour in the foyer? Add navy-blue colour to the walls!

Wood Tones | Peachy Interiors15. Wood Tones

Embrace the rich wood tones and textures to add a little cottage feel even to the most modern home. Complement the natural look of a rustic entryway with a grey stone wall finish.

Update the Classics | Peachy Interiors16. Update the Classics

Give a bold upgrade to a classic style by using rich colours and unexpected shapes – like this quality wall mirror combined with a flamingo-pink patterned wallpaper.

Dutch Door | Peachy Interiors17. Dutch Door

Install a dutch door to add some old-school appeal to the entrance of your home. Complete the look with symmetrical dry flower arrangements on the porch to create a welcoming feel.

Vintage Pieces | Peachy Interiors18. Entryway Furniture Ideas: Vintage Pieces

Use colourful upholstery to bring new life to a vintage piece of furniture like this upholstered bench in a neutral-toned foyer.

Show Off Shiplap | Peachy Interiors19. Show Off Shiplap

Use horizontal shiplap panelling to produce a shaker-inspired foyer look that is rustic but not too theme-y.

Go for Squares | Peachy Interiors20. Go for Squares

For a unique take on how mirrors can make a space appear larger, take a look at how this set of square mirrors can visually elongate the entryway space.

SHOP THE IDEA: Use these self-adhesive mirror tiles to easily recreate the look.

Maximize the Space | Peachy Interiors21. Maximize the Space

Use the space under the stairs for a custom office location or additional storage. This front entry idea maybe not that simple to implement, but it is definitely worth all the work!

Entryway Mudroom Idea: Add Graphic Appeal | Peachy Interiors22. Add Graphic Appeal

Want to incorporate your favourite wallpaper with a limited budget? Choose a small space like a foyer or vestibule for a graphic accent.

Universal Entryway Design Idea: Play with Mirrors | Peachy Interiors23. Universal Entryway Design Ideas: Play with Mirrors

We have mentioned using mirrors several times throughout the article, and, indeed, there is no better way to visually expand a small-space entryway. Use a window-pane mirror for a creative accent that makes your home’s foyer wider and brighter.

SHOP THE IDEA: Expand the space with this stylish arch metal mirror.

Entryway Ideas | Meaningful Accents | Peachy Interiors24. Meaningful Accents

Accentuate a unique door colour by a matching entry table and a heavy-framed square mirror. Add a hint of spring freshness with light-pink walls and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

SHOP THE IDEA: Recreate the look with this French country hall table in stunning blue colour.

White Foyer | Peachy Interiors25. Entryway Mudroom Ideas: White Foyer

Designer mudrooms are among the hottest interior design trends in 2023! Many times, a fresh coat of white or off-white paint is all it takes to make your foyer feel brand-new.

Small Entryway Decorating Idea: Multifunctional Furniture | Peachy Interiors26. Small Entryway Decorating Ideas: Multifunctional Furniture

To make the most out of awkward or small floor space, look for multipurpose accents and furniture. For example, this entryway table can serve as a display for your favourite home décor pieces, while also providing practical storage for your mail and keys.

SHOP THE IDEA: Keep things organized with this 2-tier entryway floating shelf.

Fabulous Fixtures | Peachy Interiors27. Entryway Lighting Ideas: Fabulous Fixtures

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a bright and well-lit entrance is more likely to attract and welcome positive energy. Create a proper entryway that is Feng-Shui compliant and stylish with some over-the-top light fixtures or pendant lights.

SHOP THE IDEA: Get a wow-factor with this 9-light mid-century chandelier.

Light is Natural | Peachy Interiors28. Light is Natural

Create an inviting foyer with natural light pouring through a paned-glass front door. Bring more colours to the room with an untraditionally painted door and a matching doormat.

Entryway Ideas | Form & Function | Peachy Interiors29. Form and Function

Combine form and function with floor-to-ceiling glass closet doors and a clean minimalist entryway bench.

Keep an Eye for Antiques with Entryway Décor | Peachy Interiors30. Keep an Eye for Antiques with Entryway Décor

Don’t be afraid to include a collection of rustic antiques in your home’s foyer, but make sure it doesn’t skew heavy. Keep the colour palette neutral with cream, light pink, and white tones.

Go Vertical | Peachy Interiors31. Go Vertical

Use vertical-patterned wallpaper to make your entryway wall feel even taller and mimic the pattern with an entry rug. Choose clean lines and colours to keep the area light and airy.

Warm It Up | Peachy Interiors32. Warm It Up

The earthy and natural sunny-yellow wall colour used in this foyer seems almost neutral in combination with the white door and a searing area. The brick wall texture also adds to the casual feel of the foyer.

Incorporate Storage Within the Design | Peachy Interiors33. Incorporate Storage Within the Design

When thinking about small entryway decorating ideas, aim to combine design and storage solutions. For example, these hat wall hooks fit flawlessly with each natural wall décor piece.

SHOP THE IDEA: Replicate the idea with these hanging woven rope baskets.

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