50 Backyard Wedding Ideas for a Magical Soirée

Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas | Peachy Interiors

There is no place like home – especially when it comes to your most special day. Intimate, inexpensive, and Covid-friendly, backyard weddings are the epitome of effortless romance.

If you are hosting a backyard soirée, we have rounded up top backyard wedding ideas and backyard wedding decorations that will make your low-key celebration unforgettable. From outdoor furniture to DIY décor and lawn games, Peachy Interiors has prepared inspiration for every kind of couple.

Our Favorite Backyard Wedding Decorations

From a classy tented reception to a wild organic feel, these 50 fresh wedding decoration ideas prove that pandemic weddings don’t always have to be laid-back.

1. Make a Grand Entrance

Make a Grand Entrance | Peachy Interiors

Elevate your entryway for a backyard tent wedding with curtains elegantly pulled back and accented with candles and topiaries. If you decide to have a tent for your reception, drapes can be easily attached to the tent and pulled back to create an elegant, inviting entrance.

SHOP THE IDEA: Use white sheer window curtains to create a festive draped entrance.

2. Add a Pop of Color to Your Cocktail Tables

Add a Pop of Colour to Cocktail Tables | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Add some visual depth to your cocktail layout by draping tables in patterned linens. Complement your backyard wedding venues with floral prints for a charming country vibe, or add some nautical tones for a quintessentially coastal New England look.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add nautical vibes to your reception with this linen blue table runner with tassels.

3. Use Real Plants as Your Centerpiece

Use Real Plants | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Real potted greens mimic the shrubbery of a backyard garden and create stunning centrepiece arrangements for backyard weddings. Cluster a few baby fruit-bearing trees, plants, and herbs from a local garden store to create a visual masterpiece that adds a fresh look and smell to your tables.

As a bonus, you can use these low-budget backyard wedding decorations for landscaping your backyard or decorating your house after the memorable night is over.

4. Entertain Your Guests with Yard Games

Yard Games | Peachy Interiors

An outdoor cocktail hour gets so much more fun when people can entertain themselves with lawn game stations.

Add an air of sophistication to this backyard wedding idea with a personal touch – have cornhole sets customized with your wedding date or stamp your initials on croquet balls.

SHOP THE IDEA: Take this oversized Jenga to the next level by painting it in your wedding colors and setting it on a beautifully polished side table.

5. Make a Picture-Perfect Display

Picture-Perfect Display | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

For a low-budget DIY backyard wedding decoration, you can get a white bookshelf and fill it with lanterns, eucalyptus, and black-and-white photos of the newlyweds. Make the décor statement that is both rustic and refined by adding a sentimental twist and displaying family wedding photos that go back generations.

SHOP THE IDEA: Highlight your photos with vintage photo frames and complement the photo display with enchanting solar-powered outdoor lanterns.

6. Embrace Nature

Embrace Nature | Peachy Interiors

The beauty of an outdoor wedding reception lies in the fact that you can step back for a moment and let nature work its magic. To create a breathtaking backyard ceremony backdrop and a tranquil scene, combine white buds and boughs of fresh green leaves.

To balance out the symmetry, you can also place two tree stumps or pots exploding in an array of ferns on either side of the greenery arch.

7. Add a Touch of Lavender

Lavender | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Placing a bundle of dried lavender along the wedding aisle will bring a French touch and guarantee a heavenly scent as you make your entrance. You can also substitute this backyard wedding idea with bunches of wheat for an autumnal, rustic vibe or local flora for a foraged, organic aesthetic.

SHOP THE IDEA: Pick up this to-die-for lavender stem bundle to add a classy touch to your at-home reception.

8. Choose a Focal Point

Focal Point | Peachy Interiors

A great advantage of hosting your dream wedding in your own yard is that you already have a good idea of the location’s strengths and weaknesses. Think about available outdoor spaces and pick your favourite spot (for example, a pool or an ancient tree), whether because of its visual impact or for sentimental reasons and make it the focal point of your wedding reception.

9. Consider an Estate Rental

Estate Rental | Peachy Interiors

Who said that a backyard wedding soirée had to be in your yard? You can rent an estate property or a house with mind-blowing views for a larger-scale celebration with the same at-home feeling.

10. Indulge in Local Delicacies

Indulge in Local Delicacies | Peachy Interiors

A beautiful thing about having a wedding at home is that you know all the best food vendors in the area. Why not incorporate these gems into your reception by inviting them as caterers to your wedding or setting up a food truck?

11. Include Pets

Include Pets | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

You can’t have backyard festivities without inviting your furry family members to join! At-home outdoor weddings are the perfect environment for including your pets as they are already familiar with the area and won’t feel uncomfortable or anxious.

SHOP THE IDEA: Get your furry friend dressed up with this adjustable formal bowtie collar.

12. Hire a Live Band

Hire a Live Band | Peachy Interiors

Since at-home nuptials and backyard weddings help to save you a few bucks on renting a venue, you can splurge a bit and invite a live band to soundtrack your wedding reception. Nothing can create a dreamy environment better than live music gently flowing through a garden setting. This backyard wedding idea is definitely worth giving a try!

13. Serve Up Freshness

Serve Up Freshness | Peachy Interiors

Enhance the outdoor ambiance by offering your family and friends some refreshing seasonal bites at the appetizer station. Light appetizers and hors d’oeuvres make for the ideal complement to alfresco, balmy celebrations in any outdoor venue.

SHOP THE IDEA: Serve seasonal appetizers in these elegant teardrop appetizer spoons.

14. Create a Chill Lounge Area

Lounge Area | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Elevate any cocktail hour or reception by bringing the indoors out in the shape of a luxurious lounge area. You can use the outdoor furniture you already own or, as another option, bring furniture from the house and creatively reuse it.

You can even combine mismatched furniture pieces in a variety of tones and textures for a more eclectic experience, – plush chairs and cushions will help to create an inviting and warm atmosphere.

SHOP THE IDEA: Purchase these plush velvet pillows to turn the space into a luxe lounge and invite people to stay seated and mingle.

15. Bring Trees Inside Your Tent

Bring Trees Inside Your Tent | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Create a magical forest party vibe with this backyard wedding idea. Binging trees inside your tented reception, combine with hanging tree decorations, and you’ve got an elegant outdoor wedding reception. Potted topiaries or trees tie in with the backyard vibe and can make for aisle markers or an unexpected addition outside or inside of a reception tent space.

SHOP THE IDEA: Not quite ready to invest in a real topiary tree? Nobody would tell a difference with these small artificial boxwood topiaries.

16. Add a Twist with Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

If your yard is already full of lush greenery, you can add an unexpected twist to the décor by using trendy pampas grass. The dried vegetation makes for an eco-friendly flower alternative and adds a rustic or boho vibe to your backyard party setting.

SHOP THE IDEA: Pick up some stems of pampas grass to create a boho-chic ambiance that will complement the natural landscaping of your backyard.

17. Host a BBQ Bash

Host a BBQ Bash | Peachy Interiors

If you and your soulmate are food-lovers, embrace it on your big day. You can host a BBQ during your outdoor wedding and customize the menu to your liking. For example, you can customize this backyard wedding idea by choosing to serve hot dogs and burgers, or oysters and shrimp.

18. Invest in Dried Floral Décor

Dried Flower Decor | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Dried floral centrepieces can help create an absolutely unique tablescape and complement any season, style, or color scheme. In addition, you can give them to guests or reuse them in your own home after the celebration, – dried flower arrangements are on the list of the hottest house décor trends this year.

19. Add Angles to Your Dessert Table

Dessert Table | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Turn your dessert table into a whimsical installation using geometric plates and dishes. It’s a subtle way to add a boho vibe to your celebration and showcase personality and a sense of style.

SHOP THE IDEA: Strike a beautiful balance between rustic and modern with this wooden wedding cake stand.

20. Go for a Rug Aisle Runner

Wedding Rug | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Take your plain grass aisle to the next level by adding a rug aisle runner. This backyard wedding idea will contribute to the boho-chic ambiance of your nuptials and add warmth and an inviting feeling. You can also place an old-fashion rug inside the tent so people feel at home even in case of rain.

SHOP THE IDEA: Consider this vintage boho runner rug to add cozy vibes to your ceremony and tent.

21. Light Up the Yard

Light Up the Yard | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

It is impossible to talk about an outdoor wedding ceremony without mentioning string lights. Not only they will help to actually light your tent and outdoor space, but these romantic sparkles will also bring instant warmth to your reception area. In addition, they will make any party photo look Instagram-worthy.

SHOP THE IDEA: Cast a warm glow over your backyard wedding reception or tent with these durable Edison-style light bulbs.

22. Set Up a Fabric Arch

Fabric Arch | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

If you are planning a light and minimalist party celebration, consider going for a simple fabric arch. If you are wondering how to decorate your yard for a wedding, simply drape a tree into the fabric to create a breezy, natural ceremony spot.

23. Feature an Outdoor Gelato Bar

Outdoor Gelato Bar | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

An outdoor gelato bar station creates a rustic Italian party ambiance with leafy branches and wooden elements. Rest assured, your friends and family will be completely smitten with this effortless sweets station. You can also substitute gelato with ice cream for a more American-feel party.

SHOP THE IDEA: Purchase these beautiful plastic ice cream cups to save a few bucks.

24. Take In Your Surroundings

Take In Your Surroundings | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Model your party décor after the natural splendour around you to take full advantage of the surrounding landscape. This backyard wedding idea is all about letting go of tablecloths and revealing bare wood tables.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add these vases filled with lush greenery to blend with the scenery, almost growing from nature itself.

25. Bring the Bar Outside

Bring the Bar Outside | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Nothing can put people in a better mood than self-serve drinks on ice. Fill in a bar cart with bottles of bubbly or other drinks favourites for a stylish and quick refreshment.

Want to take your party up a notch? Get a vintage truck or car and set up the ice buckets in the trunk.

SHOP THE IDEA: Place this stainless steel beverage tub to keep your guests refreshed at all times.

26. Focus on Small Accents

Focus on Small Accents | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Small touches and details go a long way and make a big statement in a simple place setting. Bring the backyard straight to the table by placing small leaves or fresh herbs on the plates for an artisanal flair and a hint of the upcoming culinary indulging.

27. Opt for Family-Style Service

Family-Style Dinner | Peachy Interiors

Incorporate heartwarming intimacy into your dinner service as well. Instead of individual plating, go for a family-style meal, where people can pass the dishes between each other and engage in a conversation as they do so.

Your friends and family will surely love this backyard wedding idea!

28. Build a Honeymoon Suite

Honeymoon Suite | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Instead of going to your childhood bedroom or booking a hotel suite, set up a small tent as a space to relax with your bridal party or to get some privacy as newlyweds.

Add the chic to your party setup with plushy upholstered furniture, comfortable chairs and cushions, or even a chandelier.

SHOP THE IDEA: Relax on a soft floor pillow to take a break from the busy day.

29. Hang Rattan Chandeliers

Hang Rattan Chandeliers | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

To create a languid summertime daydream space, hang woven rattan chandeliers and pendant lights on the trees or under the tent. Add in some greenery items to create an earthy, soft installation and lighten up a tented celebration in the shade.

SHOP THE IDEA: Fill these large rattan balls with greenery or battery-operated fairy lights and hang them from under the tent.

30. Keep Guests Comfortable

Keep Guests Comfortable | Peachy Interiors

At-home events are all about comfort and creating intimate spaces. Help your friends and family cozy up as the party goes on, and the warm day is replaced with a chilly evening. Show some care and provide people with blankets and shawls for them to wrap in.

If you are planning to move the party to a bonfire later on, these wedding favors are an absolute must.

SHOP THE IDEA: Keep your guest warm with these knitted throw blankets.

31. Display Baked Goods

Display Baked Goods | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

A yard soirée isn’t complete without a home-made baked pie for dessert. Combine this epitome of grandma’s kitchen with homemade cupcakes and cookies to leave people smiling and add a homegrown vibe to your party and dessert bar.

SHOP THE IDEA: Display homemade treats with this elegant cupcake holder.

32. Landscape the Grounds

Landscape the Grounds | Peachy Interiors

Think about your backyard wedding setup as a good reason to invest in sprucing up the grass and garden beds for unforgettable photos. Whether it includes fertilizing the grass or planting new flowers, these will last long after the wedding is over.

33. Give Confetti Party Favours

Confetti Party Favors | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Turn your lawn venue into the ultimate party by handing confetti as wedding favor items to your friends and family. Colourful confetti will add more fun to the day and create the most epic wedding photos ever.

SHOP THE IDEA: If sparkling confetti at weddings isn’t quite your vibe, you can use these natural dried rose petals instead.

34. Make a Letter Statement

Make a Letter Statement | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Add drama to your yard space by using oversized marquee letters. Backyard weddings don’t have to be understated, – the letters will add a touch of luxury to space and serve as the perfect party backdrop for photos that people will surely enjoy.

SHOP THE IDEA: If you don’t want to go full out with this backyard idea, you can go for these smaller tabletop marquee letters that can work for in-house weddings as well.

35. Hang Chandeliers on Trees

Chandeliers on Trees | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Not every at-home party reception has to be a casual affair. Hand exquisite chandeliers in your trees to add an extra-glam appearance. Accentuate the trees with flowy fabric or a sparkly garland for an enchanting touch that will make your backyard wedding feel just like a fairytale.

SHOP THE IDEA: Purchase plain crystal garlands that will sparkle your outdoor wedding photos and go well with any wedding colors.

36. Go Retro with Typewriter Guest Book

Typewriter Guest Book | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

For a vintage-themed wedding, try this unique backyard wedding idea. Ask your guests to type their good wishes and sweet notes with a typewriter and receive a retro-looking book full of words of wisdom. In addition, you can use the typewriter in your newlywed nest décor.

SHOP THE IDEA: Choose a simple black typewriter that will seamlessly blend with any color scheme weddings.

37. Stay Warm with Heating Lamps

Heating Lamps | Peachy Interiors

As the day turns into an evening, the temperatures might fall. To keep yourself and your guests comfortable in any weather conditions, bring in heating lamps, so that everyone can enjoy the celebration throughout the night. Plus, you can keep these items for other yard parties in the future.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add these heating lamps for a modern touch to your backyard wedding.

38. Light Up the Night with Sparklers

Light Up the Night with Sparklers | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Sparklers will help you score an epic exit wedding photo, and your guests will absolutely love this backyard wedding idea. Ensure that your yard can offer enough open space to accommodate these beautiful additions to your photos.

SHOP THE IDEA: To avoid the fire hazard, light up the night and wedding photos with these fibre optic glow wands.

39. Decorate Trees

Decorate Trees | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Complement the natural theme by hanging décor items from tree branches in your backyard. Use natural woven spheres to create a bohemian, whimsical effect that is absolutely magical. Just make sure to tie them tightly!

SHOP THE IDEA: Hang these grapevine spheres on the trees to add some free-spirited aesthetic details.

40. Set Up a S’mores Station

Set Up a S'Mores Station | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Add a touch of nostalgia to your at-home wedding reception by setting up a campfire so that people can enjoy good old-fashioned s’mores. The fire will provide everyone with a sweet treat and keep your guests warm as the sun goes down.

SHOP THE IDEA: Make sure people don’t get too close to the fire when roasting marshmallows with these extendable sticks.

41. Use Wedding Doors

Wedding Doors | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

As you enter your happily-ever-after, consider using regular doors as part of your backyard wedding décor. You can section off your lawn with plenty of decorated doors to create an effect of separate spaces if you are planning on a more formal backyard event.

SHOP THE IDEA: Accent your wooden doors with this pretty greenery wreath.

42. Use Hay Bale for Seating

Hay Bale for Seating | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Having a rustic or country backyard wedding? Complement your theme by using hay bales to create some extra seating space. It’s an adorable way to keep your guests comfortable while showing off your personal touch. Just make sure to cover the hay bales with something so that the outfits of your guests don’t get compromised.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add several throw pillows on top of the hay bales to make the space more inviting and pick up a few of these outdoor blankets to cover the hay bale seats.

43. Use Metal Buckets for Flowers

Metal Buckets for Flowers | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Instead of choosing fancy flower pots for your backyard wedding decorations, you can save some money with metal buckets to complement a country or farmhouse wedding theme. Place them at the ends of the aisles or even as centrepieces on the snacks and drinks tables, inside or outside of the tent.

SHOP THE IDEA: Incorporate wedding colors in the flower arrangements by tieing a wide burlap ribbon around a metal bucket like this one.

44. Replace Vases with Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Vases | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Empty glass bottles can serve as excellent budget-friendly replacements for standard vases. You can place them along the aisle, use them in an outdoor altar, or use them as centrepiece items for your tables.

Place some wildflowers in the bottles to create a rustic backyard feel or even replace the flowers with small twinkle lights for an alternative option.

SHOP THE IDEA: Place these battery-operated LED lights inside the bottles to create a firefly look.

45. Create a Two-Piece Arch

Two-Piece Arch | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Create a unique vow location by using two separate backyard wedding decoration items in place of a traditional wedding arch. Use two mismatched pillars to create a trendy focal point for your ceremony.

SHOP THE IDEA: Get a hold of these chic gold stands in different heights to create a stylish arch alternative option.

46. Welcome Guests with a Mirror

Welcome Guests with a Mirror | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Instead of using a traditional sign welcoming guests to your wedding, do something different and write a welcome message on an antique, ornate framed mirror. You can write the date of your backyard wedding, doodle some decorations, or even draw flowers and hearts.

SHOP THE IDEA: Buy this gorgeous framed mirror and keep it as a keepsake long after the wedding day is done.

47. Have a Rain Plan

Rain Plan | Peachy Interiors

We all hope for sunny weather for our special day, but, unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. When thinking about outdoor wedding ideas, make sure to prioritize figuring out rain plan logistics so that you can keep your guests and vendors safe, comfortable, and dry, no matter the weather. For many at-home nuptials, this means having a tent planned.

SHOP THE IDEA: Make the most out of the opportunity and take some stunning rainy wedding photos with these classy bubble umbrellas.

48. Set Up a Station with Fruity Drinks

Fruity Drinks | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

Cold fruity drinks are a must-have for a hot summer party. Display the drinks in a vintage wagon to add a bit of an old-style flair. You can also set up a self-serve bar with funky beverage dispensers.

SHOP THE IDEA: Add some southern charm by using these adorable mason jars for lemonade and iced tea at your drinks station.

49. Add Some Garden Romance

Add Some Garden Romance | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiros

Use plenty of lush garlands with pops of gentle florals to create a dreamy and romantic garden space in your backyard. Go for powdery, soft colors and tones and sturdy wood furniture to add a magical touch and create a truly exquisite look.

SHOP THE IDEA: Combine the florals with vintage items like these candle holders to add extra richness and style.

50. Curate a Glow

Curate a Glow | Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas | Peachy Interiors

While nothing can compete with your newlywed glow, you can create a warmly illuminated scene for your nuptial soirée.

Last but not least in the list of our backyard wedding ideas: create pockets of lighting throughout the space by pulling together comforting pillar candles and elegant lanterns in various sizes.

SHOP THE IDEA: Place tealight candles inside of these elegant white cage lanterns to create a special ambiance.

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